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Unified. Effortless. Enhanced.

We’re a Melbourne branding and creative agency driven by clean, elegant and purposeful design.

We build and transform brands, and create campaigns that boost awareness, attract and inspire.

With over 25 years experience developing and helping brands to grow, our end goal is to give your brand a wow factor in today’s fast-changing world. Working collaboratively with you and your team, we incorporate the latest design thinking and digital know-how to ensure we’re always delivering ideas that innovate, engage and deliver value-driven results.

We delight in delivering big picture vision with the personal attention of a smaller agency. It’s a journey of trust aimed at building a collaborative long term relationship with you to effectively connect with your client base. 

You imagine. We create. It’s that simple.

Trusted by Many

Our Objectives

It all starts with you. Our reason for being is to amplify your dreams and vision into something tangible and effective to get great results every time.

Our purpose is to deliver results

We strive to continually evolve our thinking and practices, to ensure we’re always delivering to our clients ideas that innovate, engage and deliver results.

Our aim is to bring value to your business and a wow factor to your brand.  And, we do it together with you because there is power in partnerships.

We do this by extracting what you already have

We actively bring together diverse perspectives – different skills, cultures, knowledge and outlooks. We unearth points of differentiation – giving them visibility – that generate a wealth of ideas. Making for smarter brand strategies, that lead to better creative outcomes. 
We go beyond creating a ‘pleasant’ facade for your business. We create brands with meaning and depth. Substance and longevity. Working from the outside in, we put ourselves in the shoes of your customers, staff and stakeholders. 

And using it in amazing ways

At Boss Agency, our expert team of creative problem solvers will empower you with big ideas, actionable strategies, bold designs and effective digital marketing tactics, to deliver breakthrough branding, marketing, design and digital results in ways you’ve never imagined.

Boss Agency offers you a world of possibilities.

“Absolutely loved the design and innovative thinking put in by Boss Agency. They were able to capture the essence of our branding in every design and we will continue to use them as our business expands.”
– Lexi McNeil, Founder, Alexandra
“Boss Agency is an absolute pleasure to work with. They exceeded our expectations and delivered a brand that we are thrilled with. They go above and beyond other design studios we have worked with and we will continue to use their services when our company needs them, without question.”
– Con Nicolas, Director, Thomas Nicolas
“We are happy to have you on our team. Boss Agency is a strategic partner that elevates your thinking and work”
– Amy Pitchford, Director & Property Manager, Alumuna Holdings
“Boss Agency was able to differentiate Le Plonc with branding that played to our strength and objectives, unique offering and communicated our position clearly. We love having them as a partner and appreciate the vision they bring to our projects.”
– Norbert Ng’ethe, Co-Founder, Le Plonc
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