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We were approached to brand a new concept wine bar in San Francisco called “Le Plonc” – aimed at providing young professionals in cultural hubs and university precincts with easy choices of great house wines at cheap prices. Our involvement at the outset was to collaborate with their team on the visual identity of the wine bar’s interior and propose a brand design. The brief encouraged us to take the “Mickey” out of wine buffs.
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The satirical take on “plonk”, generally used to describe cheap, low-quality wine, was easy. Placing the French definite article “Le” in front of plonk and replacing the “k” with “c”, fulfilled the brand’s tongue-in-cheek air of French sophistication with a Bohemian edge. A striking and unique logo was then necessary to capture the spirit of the brand and catch the interest of wine lovers across the globe.

Our campaign strategy was to focus on the “Le Plonc” experience with intense marketing to show how Le Plonc differentiates itself from its competitors (price and great wine selections) and then provide customers with a wine drinking experience that can be simultaneously pleasurable and informative.

After developing the brand identity, the roll out of the new Le Plonc brand consisted of a website, signage, print collateral including business cards, menus, sales materials and gift boxes, as well as various digital elements to help grow the brand’s presence online.


The end goal was to create a recognisable and quality brand enjoying a high degree of customer loyalty in numerous locations – two in Silicon Valley and one in Melbourne, Australia.

“Boss Agency was able to differentiate Le Plonc with branding that played to our strength and objectives, unique offering and communicated our position clearly. We love having them as a partner and appreciate the vision they bring to our projects.”

– Norbert Ng’ethe, Co-Founder, Le Plonc
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