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Meet Argall, a pioneering structural engineering consultancy, committed to delivering comprehensive services, advocating sustainable design, and merging structural intelligence with beautiful and functional concepts. Their mission is to revolutionise the public’s perception of structural engineers, transitioning from the traditional view of their role as mere guarantors of stability, to critical contributors to the design process and proponents for a more sustainable future. As their selected branding partner, we’ve been thrilled to aid in translating their vision into a robust and engaging brand identity.
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Our branding strategy for Argall centred on encapsulating their unique vision and innovative approach to structural engineering. The brand design process involved creating a visual identity that was as sturdy and dynamic as Argall’s architectural solutions. We aimed to communicate their commitment to sustainability, their problem-solving abilities, and their dedication to clients through a design that reflected progressiveness, inclusiveness, and the structural elegance that Argall represents.

When it came to the digital translation of this new identity, our approach to designing the website was focused on user experience, aiming to reflect Argall’s philosophy of being hands-on, direct, and valuing long-lasting relationships. We built an intuitive and engaging platform that allowed clients to easily navigate through Argall’s innovative services, their impressive portfolio, and the compelling stories behind their projects. We ensured that the website was more than just a digital presence, but a comprehensive representation of Argall’s commitment to fostering long-term relationships rather than merely transactional interactions.


Our collaboration with Argall resulted in a transformation that brought their vision to life – a branding solution that successfully redefines the role of structural engineers and emphasises their commitment to sustainability and client relationships. We’re proud to have played a part in this journey, and we invite you to explore the changes that we’ve co-created through our strategic branding and design approach. This project stands as a testament to the power of branding to inspire, innovate, and ignite positive change. We look forward to sharing more of such transformative journeys with our clients.
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