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Shade Collective, based in Melbourne, is renowned for its top-tier custom-crafted shading systems, elegant designer soft furnishings, and as an authorised wholesale manufacturer of Silent Gliss curtain track systems. With a reputation as one of Melbourne’s premier providers of window furnishings, Shade Collective’s commitment to quality, meticulous planning, and keen attention to detail set them apart.
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Our branding agency was chosen to spearhead the rebranding initiative for Shade Collective. The process commenced with intensive consultations to delve deep into understanding their foundational values, unique selling propositions, and aspirations for the rebrand.

The rebranding strategy encompassed:

– Crafting a new logo that would be emblematic of Shade Collective’s essence and ethos.
– Designing print and digital assets that would resonate with their clientele, underlining their unwavering commitment to quality.
– Constructing a website that was not only visually appealing but also user-centric, highlighting their extensive product portfolio and industry expertise.


The rebranding endeavour was met with resounding success. The newly designed logo and brand materials adeptly convey Shade Collective’s dedication to excellence, their profound industry acumen, and their unparalleled problem-solving capabilities. Post rebranding, the website witnessed a surge in traffic, and the client feedback was overwhelmingly affirmative. With a rejuvenated brand image, Shade Collective now truly reflects its stature as one of Melbourne’s most respected providers of window furnishings.
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