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Boss Agency was appointed to create a contemporary, elegant and suave brand identity for the new “One Stop Male Makeover Shop”. The logo design had to appeal to the target audience and be adaptable for a range of applications across both digital and print mediums. The branding would encapsulate the image of a “man of distinction”.
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Boss Agency’s logo design was aimed at branding the business to have a distinctive appeal that would communicate the vision and essence of the initiative. The logo symbolised 3 elements of the business: (1) a bow tie synonymous with a makeover (2) an infinity symbol synonymous with infinite possibilities and (3) the initials “M” & “P” as the mark of Mister Perfect. Overall, it had to look contemporary and appealing to today’s men looking for a seamless makeover — one that would achieve a balance between old-school values yet adaptable in an ever-changing society.

A membership and e-commerce website was custom developed where members could login to the portal with their own customised dashboard where they could see their makeover for the 12 weeks in action. The portal included a calendar with their appointment dates as well as personalised fitness and health regime their trainer. The site was super-focused on promoting the various packages available for a makeover as well. An intense social media campaign was activated to engage followers and print collateral was designed with high-end appeal. Furthermore, a professional model and brand ambassador was engaged and photographic shoots undertaken to highlight the sophistication of these makeovers locally.


The high quality branding and promotions attracted a significant following of men, and even women wanting to encourage makeovers for the men in their lives. The carefully designed packages certainly appealed to a cross-section of men who might otherwise have hesitated to sign up.

“I loved ALL the brand concepts delivered by Boss Agency! It was so hard to choose. They have done a fantastic job in bringing our brand to life. Well done, Boss!”

Andy Brand, Founder
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