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Boss Agency was asked to to brand an online fitness program designed by a dynamic husband and wife duo that they have called the BBM Method. We were asked to create a logo that would push through the masses of online fitness programs, as well as a monogram or symbol that could be used separately from the primary logo.
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The logo that Boss Agency designed was given a fresh, enervating colour that would entice and motivate. The complementary monogram “BBM” was given a dynamic feel with a sense of movement by imitating feather fletching at the end of the arrow. An accompanying mantra was added as well — “Building Strong Curves and a Positive Mindset”.

Once the logo and monogram designs had been created, we were able to move forward with our integrated campaign that included consistent branding, marketing and sales materials, website design and build, photography, company video, customer testimonial videos, signage, social media campaigns and more.


With this new look, and the passion of the husband and wife duo for their specially-designed holistic fitness program, the BBM Method was eagerly sought out and adopted by an enthusiastic fitness clientele.

"Super impressed with the work produced by Boss Agency, we're in love with our new logo!"

Catherine Kotsiras, Business Manager
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