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Emergency Recovery Kit – Don’t let the time of the month ‘cramp’ your style!

Her-Mergency – A Woman’s Cycle Emergency Kit for Women On-The-Go: Don’t let the time of the month ‘cramp’ your style. Proudly named and branded by Boss Agency, our aim when developing the brand strategy, designing the brand, packaging and creating an effective marketing campaign, was to encourage the buyer to be confident of their purchase and not be embarrassed. The emphasis was to bring awareness to the fact that all women go through moments when their monthly visitor arrives unexpectedly and that the Her-Mergency Kit will help protect her from any awkward predicament.
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The new start-up was ready to take its first leaps with their product and together we began building the brand and the product’s packaging from the ground up, making inspired ideas come to life. The project began with a detailed research and discovery phase involving interviews, strategy workshops and the development of the new brand image through tone, story and creativity, to unveil Her-Mergency’s authentic personality. 

The findings were translated into a brand strategy framework that served to define the brand and identify several key opportunities for current and future branding activity. The team at Boss decided how best to roll out the new brand which covered an extensive range of touch points. This included things like the brand tagline, the logo, the design of the product’s packaging as well as marketing campaigns and sales collateral across print, digital and out of home. We were dedicated to delivering the first to market ‘Woman’s Cycle Survival Kit’  and to tell the brand’s story, expand awareness and boost engagement.


It has been a fun and creative project for Boss Agency backed with a lot of meaning, that is, shining a light on the very natural physical changes every young girl goes through and helping them to navigate those awkward stages without embarrassment. The end result was bringing to life ‘The Ultimate Emergency Recovery Kit for when it’s that time of the month’!
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