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We were engaged to optimise the Kenny Parker brand and improve brand recognition as well as increase sales through digital marketing and advertising. Our objective was to develop an integrated digital marketing campaign with an overarching “Big Idea” that would capture audience interest, influence their emotional response and inspire them to take action. In other words, a unifying theme that could be used across all campaign messages, calls to action, communication channels and audiences.

Our in-house team got to work on an integrated strategy; utilising both relevant existing content and brand equity as well as creating new branded content (copy, art direction, campaign theme, design elements, photography / imagery, etc). With the unique content generated from such interaction, we aimed to establish Kenny Parker as the ‘go to’ brand for urban lifestyle apparel in order to elevate the brand and facilitate rapid growth.
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We honed in on digital asset optimisation for the initial phase of the project; prior to developing creative concepts for the digital marketing campaigns. We wanted to review and optimise Kenny Parker’s digital assets to help improve and bring a uniform look and feel across all digital channels first. Our aim was to help manage all product and brand assets to ensure uniformity and bring a sense of stability and professionalism, without losing its brand edge. Our approach also had a strong emphasis on the website to help with product discovery and the ability to qualify and proceed to the check-out process.

The next phase was focusing on increasing brand awareness via social media and email marketing as well as helping to increase product sales. Brand assets from the new range, as well as legacy product promotions were sent out via organic posts with any sales posts further promoted using paid advertising.


With our targeted digital marketing efforts, expertly curated content, targeted advertising and a unique creative approach to digital engagement, we saw immediate results for the Kenny Parker brand. Our social media strategists used a three-stage funnel when building out the ads. The top of the funnel was dedicated to brand awareness, and our design team created engaging ads that would showcase a wide variety of Kenny Parker’s products. Moving further down the funnel, we served action-oriented social ads that would turn passive browsers into buyers to maximise conversions.
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