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After we helped market the original wine bars in California, we were asked to help promote a more salubrious wine bar in Melbourne. This required us to take a completely different approach since it not only involved more upmarket wines, but also regular fine dining as well as events. The visual identity had to be in line with the wine bar’s interior which had been designed by one of Australia’s foremost interior designers Greg Natale to complement the Hollywood Regency look of the James Said furniture store in the same building.
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As a new entry into an established suburban location, our campaign strategy had to differentiate itself from its competitors on a well-heeled busy street. The initial phase was focused on drawing shoppers in to take some time out from shopping and enjoy “a home away from home” ambience whilst being attentively waited on regardless of whether they wanted just tea or coffee, a glass of wine or lunch. Evening dining required another approach to establish Le Plonc as a serious food destination and events had to have an appeal to those seeking something different and very beautiful for their special occasions.

The roll out of the new Le Plonc brand consisted of a website, signage, print collateral including business cards, menus, sales materials and gift boxes, special promotions, as well as various digital elements to help grow the brand’s presence online.


This new Le Plonc identity was in much demand as an event space, especially after people had tried the food and wine and had experienced the Le Plonc service. The quality of collateral provided by Boss Agency was a much commented upon feature of each roll out and helped to established Le Plonc in Melbourne as an easily identifiable business.

“Boss Agency was able to differentiate Le Plonc with branding that played to our strength and objectives, unique offering and communicated our position clearly. We love having them as a partner and appreciate the vision they bring to our projects.”

Norbert Ng’ethe, Co-Founder
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