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Boss Agency was engaged to plan, design and develop a website and overall marketing strategy for the parent brand to DANCEMOB (view branding project for DANCEMOB ), the Nikki Visaj School Fitness Incursions, and also to design a wide range of associated marketing collateral.
Web Design & Development
Print Design
Marketing Collateral
Digital Strategy
Social Media Marketing


This project enabled Boss Agency to employ some innovative interface design techniques, to effectively display the company’s large array of dance classes and service range incorporating a sophisticated categorisation and filtering system.

To further promote the brand, Boss Agency designed and developed point of sales material, corporate communications, information packs, booklets, brochures, EDM’s, pamphlets, posters and promotional branded products.


As the main hub for the Nikki Visaj School Fitness Incursions, the website has delivered great results in increased sales, new customers, website visits and followers on social media.  The marketing collateral has also helped to engage schools and education partners, parents and kids combined and has generate widespread interest with over 50 schools participating in Melbourne alone.

Boss Agency are a very talented and amazing team. We were so happy with their work, that we hired them to do the branding and campaign development for our subsidiary brand, DANCEMOB! They really understand what is needed to evoke brand awareness and loyalty.

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